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A happy and mindful place for ambitious people who work with passion on software that puts a smile on the face of it's users.

Bilendo is a software that automates Accounts Receivables Management. Enterprises utilise our platform to create streamlined, customised processes for their businesses.

Bilendo - World Map Bilendo - World Map

Over 6million A/R processes automated per month

Bilendo is trusted by enterprises worldwide to achieve greater efficiency, to reduce DSO for outstanding receivables, to lower related costs and to increase the companies liquidity.

The Management Team

Bilendo - Markus Haggenmiller

Markus Haggenmiller

CFO / SaaS, finance and sales specialist. Diploma in economics and business administration. Responsible for fundraising, tax and audit.

Bilendo - Florian Kappert

Florian Kappert

CEO / Software Developer since age of 14, Product, UI and Marketing enthusiast. Diploma in economics and business administration.

Bilendo - Jakob Beyer

Jakob Beyer

CTO / Software Developer since age of 13. Expert for databases, scaling and cloud-infrastructure. Computer Science @ LMU.

Bilendo - Risk Different with us

Risk Different with us - the new way to A/R Automation

We’re combining the expertise of industry leaders and machine learning to develop software that sits at the heart of leading businesses - allowing more transparency and growth.

Bilendo - Operatioal Core
Add-on: Reporting & Goals Agile goal, reporting & KPI-framework
  • Goal Framework

  • Cascading KPIs

  • Beautiful Reports

  • Smart Analytics

A/R CORE Workflow-driven AR-Platform
  • Accounts Receivables

  • Communication

  • Smart Dunning Blocks

  • Flexible Workflows

  • Debtormanagement

  • Dunning Automation

  • Dispute Management

  • Collection

Add-on: Scoring & Risk AI-powered decision engine
  • External Credit Information

  • Flexible Credit Policies

  • Flexible Scorecards

  • Internal Credit Scoring

Bilendo - Our Mission

On a mission to make A/R processes scalable for every organisation.

Bilendo’s mission is to make Accounts Receivables Processes scalable for every organization providing full flexibility, secure data processing and maximum automation on a central platform. Bilendo combines the power of human decision-making, the precise processing of algorithms, the flexibility of workflows and the ease of use of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

The only thing better than using Bilendo, is building the software that people love.

Work with us

Our Opportunity

External shocks (e.g. Covid) and overall cost pressure generate an increasing demand for risk mitigation solutions and overall market growth. The global market for Accounts Receivables Software grows at an average annual growth rate of 12.5% from $1.7 billion in 2019 to $3.0 billion in 2024 to over $6 billion by 2029. Bilendo is at the heart of innovation where we meet the requirements of enterprises around the globe.

Bilendo - Opportunity

Pricing with value

We at Bilendo love to develop great software that is extremely helpful! We have the ambition to deliver a product with the greatest value. We don't claim to solve every problem our customers have but we believe that the best products are simple, flexible and easy to use. We call this – Product Leadership.

Bilendo - Pricing

The driver to success

We think software is for humans. In the case of our customers, we enable them to make better decisions, to take risks that others can't and to help them build a bright future for their company, their employees and their customers. We believe that taking risks is a key driver to success, therefore; we strive to build the perfect software that guarantees fast payments and loyal customers at the lowest possible cost. That's why Bilendo stands for Risk Different.

Bilendo - Driver to success
Bilendo - Our Values

Our Vision & Our Values

Our vision is to create a mindful workplace where everything is in place to develop the products that help enterprises around the world to secure their profit and growth.

1. We are curious

We stay curious and we are constantly developing and working on ourselves as an organization and our products. Lifelong learning is an important driver and part of our everyday work.

2. We are responsible

We do not look for external justifications, but for responsibility within ourselves. To become (self-)responsible, we stand up for each other without judging, accusing or denying facts.

3. We create value

We strive to create and sustain real value, whether it's our product, our collaboration, ourselves or our organisation, we want to create things that last.

4. We respect & care

We respect the opinions and perspectives of our colleagues, partners and clients. We care about each other because it's never about being right, it's always about finding the best solution.

5. We communicate simplicity

Every interaction with Bilendo, regardless of if it is our website, our product or any other touchpoint is always an experience of joy and simplicity. That's what we strive for.

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Bilendo - Work Together

We would love to work with you

For our various roles we are looking for passionate and ambitious individuals to excel in combining with us to reach our goals. We couldn’t do it alone and are respectful and excited to hear from you to kick off a long lasting relationship. Is this the beginning of our joint journey?

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